Banana Runtz Strain – AAAA+ Grade
Hybrid – 50% Indica /50% Sativa | THC: 20% – 26%

Banana Runtz is an equitably adjusted crossover strain (half Indica/half Sativa) made through crossing the exemplary Zkittlez X Gelato strains. Love an overly sweet treats flavor? You have it with Banana Runtz. This infant has sweet and sweet treats taste with traces of ready banana and only a tad of dark pepper, as well. The smell is comparably scrumptious, albeit somewhat heavier, with a sharp and zesty suggestion emphasized by new fruity banana and acrid sweets. The Banana Runtz high is truly adjusted by and large, with impacts that hit both brain and body with a significant degree of power because of its 20-26% normal THC level. You’ll feel lifted with a feeling of mental energy and inspiration that has your elation flying and your focus flowing & ebbing. A loosening up actual impact goes with this exciting lift, liberating you of any throbbing painfulness in both psyche and body and allowing you truly to kick back. With these impacts, Banana Runtz is frequently supposed to be ideal for treating conditions like sadness, constant torment, muscle fits or spasms, joint pain, and persistent pressure. This bud has thick adjusted radiant green nugs with dark hairs, a coating of milky amber crystal trichomes, and amber undertones

Banana Runtz

Banana Runtz AAAA+ | User Experience

Taste of pepper & fruits on the breathe out and a gentle banana taste on the breathe in. Hits your eyes first at that point extends descending from that point, extremely smooth and adjusted high, the term awesome rings a bell. Matches well with a light action like preparing dinner or some light housework. A decent strain to attempt on the off chance that you can discover it

Banana Runtz AAAA+ | Price & Where to buy?

Price: $15.00 – $300.00

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