Green Crack God Strain aka God’s Green Crack is a hybrid of Green Crack and God Bud. This cannabis strain has a genuinely high THC content. It has a woodsy and marginally natural smell with traces of sage and eucalyptus. Numerous clients additionally report recognizing citrus notes in the flavor too. The hefty, fragrant smoke prompts a head high that numerous clients appreciate. A few clients report feeling more profitable and inventive, or more inspired on the off chance that they are working. They may likewise feel some body impacts, in all probability from the impacts of God Bud, its parent strain.

Activity pressed strain Green Crack God Kush, a steadying high that will leave you loose and little stimulated. Green Crack God Kush will mix your psyche and body with a shivering impact, alleviate a throbbing painfulness and straightforwardness muscle. This strain helps treat conditions like persistent exhaustion, discouragement, ADD or ADHD, headaches, and sickness or craving misfortune.


Green Crack is an intense sativa cannabis strain made by intersection Skunk #1 with an obscure Indica. This strain is cherished by numerous customers for its stimulating impacts. Hardly any strains contrast with Green Crack’s sharp energy and center as it initiates a fortifying mental buzz that keeps you going for the duration of the day. With a tart, fruity flavor fragrant of mango, Green Crack is an incredible daytime strain that may help buyers battle weariness, stress, and sadness. Since the name “Green Crack” sustains a contrary picture of cannabis, a few groups have taken to calling this strain Cush (with a ‘C’) or Green Cush all things being equal.

Green Crack God Strain is an exceptionally intense half and half strain (Indica (65%)/Sativa (35%), created utilizing 2 of the strongest strains accessible: God Bud x Green Crack. (Henceforth the name God’s Green Crack) The Indica and sativa guardians cooperate to convey a duality of head and body impacts that lift the disposition while loosening up muscles. Its buds take on a profound purple shading close to the furthest limit of its development, particularly when brought up in lower temperatures.


Scarcely any strains contrast with Green Crack’s sharp energy and center as it incites a fortifying mental buzz that keeps you going for the duration of the day. With a tart, fruity flavor aromatic of mango, Green Crack is the ideal daytime prescription for patients treating exhaustion, stress, and misery. God Bud is an honor winning purple skunk strain that acquired first spot at the Cannabis Cup for best Indica in 2004! This strain has made BC Bud incredibly famous. Quite possibly the most strong and moist strains of Cannabis on the planet. God’s Green Crack is a well-known decision for those experiencing pressure, persistent agony, sadness, nervousness, and absence of hunger.

GCG (Green Crack God) AAA

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GCG (Green Crack God) is a balanced hybrid strain that gives off sweet and fruity aromas. The high starts with the head with a feeling of lightheadedness. Then it will relax your mind removing any negative thoughts. After a few hits, your body will feel a sudden burst of relaxation that will aid you in a good sleep. This is best used to deal with insomnia and anxiety. 

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