Honey Badger Strain Kamloops – Facts, Price & Supplier

Honey Badger Strain is a very uncommon Sativa prevailing half breed strain made through intersection (C99 X White Widow) X Ms. Universe #10. It has a sweet and zesty fruity peach flavor with a hint of lime and honey. The smell is exceptionally gritty and fiery with a fruity lime hint that is complemented by citrus and impactful sugar as the nugs are scorched. The Honey Badger AAAA high goes ahead not long after your first delicious breathe out, lifting your spirits and pulling your brain upwards into a condition of glad inspiration. You’ll feel an expansion in concentration and a hint of energy that incidentally loans itself well to mental exercises. In any case, a desensitizing body high will before long crawl over you, leaving you actually unfit to move while your brain lifts into a brilliant feeling of inventiveness and creative mind. In mix with its high 27%+ normal THC level, these impacts give Honey Badger Strain an edge in treating conditions like constant torment, aggravation, spinal string injury, and muscle fits or quakes.

Honey Badger AAAA Buds are iced and significant with a spade outline canvassed in curving orange hairs. It is ideal for daytime utilization.

Honey Badger Strain is the sweet alleviation you need when ongoing agonies mess with you. Essentially, its delightful tart taste and botanical smells will inspire you to continue to smoke it. It’s simply that acceptable and pleasant!

Assuming there’s whatever stands apart outwardly, it must be the resinous and trichome-rich buds. With golden orange pistils pointing upwards and thick buds populating the plant, Honey Badger looks very tasty and fit to be smoked at any second. The layer of chilly trichome gems is spread around, covering pretty much everything. You could even say that the buds look as though they were covered in a layer of sweet nectar, with all the trichomes and tar.

Honey Badger’s flavor is exceptionally flower and citrus. It helps us to remember other, more lemon-like strains, however this one takes the center way. With its flower and complex scope of fragrances, it conveys an interesting and fulfilling experience consistently. You’ll see a couple of notes of murkiness and cheddar on the breathe out, which further improve the general insight. The psychoactive impacts just serve to go with the amazing flavor.

Consider the most extraordinary bud you’ve smoked and restrain it only a tad. Honey Badger Strain Kamloops, is one of the most intense strains out there, offering a reasonable stoning experience. The cerebral and actual impacts join magnificently, prompting happiness and unwinding dissolving into your cerebrum and body. This is a Sativa-predominant strain that conveys a surge of vivacious happiness going through your mind at rapid. You can’t remain discouraged or stressed for a really long time!

After the happiness settles down, it’s the ideal opportunity for the full-body impacts to kick in. It will not offer a sofa lock sedation essentially. All things being equal, it’ll inebriate you enough to unwind and feel good for the following not many hours. Muscle torments vanish, irritation is diminished, and other persistent agonies likewise stop influencing you to such an extent. Honey Badger AAAA offers a wide scope of restorative advantages for those intrigued by them. Other than treating your downturn and managing constant torments, this strain ought to likewise assist with:

  • A sleeping disorder
  • Absence of hunger
  • Gentle instances of queasiness and migraines
  • PMS
  • Stress
  • Actual weariness
  • Various sclerosis

Honey Badger Strain Kamloops – Price & Supply

Honey Badger AAAA

$13.00 – $260.00 | Buy From The OG Junction


Honey Badger is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that gives off a very earthy and spicy aroma with a fruity lime overtone. The high starts immediately by pulling you into a state of happiness. Increase of focus and energy is also noticeable after a few more hits. After a few minutes, body-numbing high will then creep on to the user. This is best used to deal with chronic pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms. If you are looking for a very awesome sativa-hybrid strain, we got you! We do deliveries in Kamloops and we also ship around BC. Honey Badger, one of the top strains in our AAAA online line up, will surely satisfy your needs!


Honey Badger AAAA is a pot strain that will lift your spirits more than ever. It’s a popular cannabis strain for its stimulating yet mind-quieting high. Further, it assists tokers with staying dynamic and be more inventive in their errands. Regardless, this crossover has a desensitizing body-high that before long crawls over shoppers, leaving them genuinely unmoving.

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