Jack Frost Strain In kamloops aka Jack Frosty is an even mixture of cannabis strain that creates a taste suggestive of pine and pumpkin, with feelings of earthily, citrus, and skunk. Its collect prepared buds are an overgrown green in shading with yellow pistils, having a noticeable, crystallized layer of chilly trichomes – in this way its name.

It helps in elevating the spirits and starting both inventiveness and energy. Be that as it may, as the high wear on, the body will feel calm and fall into a condition of sedation – so burning-through in the nights or around evening time is proposed. Analysts note this present strain’s capacity to help lighten sleep deprivation, torment, and absence of hunger – so get ready for the munchies.

Negative results other than your average dry mouth and eyes incorporate distrustfulness, unsteadiness, and uneasiness while devouring in higher portions.

Jack Frost Strain In Kamloops

It takes somewhere in the range of eight and nine weeks for Jack Frost to completely blossom.

Jack Frosty Strain In Kamloops, is the mystical consequence of 3 of Amsterdam’s best developed cannabis strains developed from seed with a contort. The sativa Jack Herrer, half and half White Widow and indica Northern Lights #5 (the top aggregate of its sort and the champ of The Cannabis Cup for a very long time) were continuously reared throughout the span of 5 years to get the smell and strength profile perfectly. Towards the end, a puzzling guardian’s hereditary qualities were presented that the raiser depicts as a “wild, by and by gathered Rainbow Kashmiri.”

Jack Frost has a lovely high THC content, regularly around 23%. Its fair impacts make it a top choice for social smoking.


Smell and Flavor

Jack Frosty Strain blossoms are narrowly molded buds whenever they’re restored. Glimmers of green and a periodic red pistil can be seen through the cold covering of chilly trichomes.

Very close, the buds smell like pinecones showered with new lemon juice and when lit up the smoke tastes consistent with the fragrance with simply the smallest trace of grapefruit.



The cutting edge of a Jack Frost high is an exceptional feeling of happiness that keeps an eye on last more than most strains (at times as long as 3 hours.) Giggling isn’t strange, nor is a full body sensation of warmth. Jack Frosty Strain would be a very decent friendly strain on account of the harmony among head and body high with neither overpowering. Great, controlled energy blended in with its body loosening up attributes make this an extraordinary all-the-time strain.

Because of the cautious rearing of its acclaimed precursors, Jack Frost strain will in general have not many negative results when taken in capable sums. Simply keep a jug of water close by to avoid a periodic cottonmouth.


  • Stress
  • Weariness
  • Anxiety
  • Uneasiness
  • Headaches

Jack Frost is prestigious for its vigorously iced appearance because of its liberal covering of trichomes. This equitably adjusted crossover offers cannabis darlings the smartest possible solution. This strain is ideal for daytime use because of its durable and strong impacts.

At the point when you first observer this vigorously iced cannabis strain, you can obviously see why it is so named. Shimmering and flashing, Jack Frost’s cold white trichomes cause you to feel like you’ve been shipped to an otherworldly winter wonderland. Furthermore, that is even before you have burned-through this powerful strain!

The Jack Frost strain is an even mix of sativa and indica hereditary qualities. Both sporting and therapeutic purchasers ought to appreciate this current strain’s strong and enduring impacts.

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Jack Frosty is a balanced hybrid strain that has a mild and skunky aroma. This kush delivers a calming and soothing effect to the body. This also can relax the nerves which guides you to a great sleep. This is best used to deal with insomnia, pain, anxiety, and depression. 

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