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Strains Availble – AAAA+ Grade 

Dark Angel (H) is an even hybrid. The flavor is of a richly complex hazelnut coffee that has added spice, while the pungent aroma is startlingly similar to a fresh cup of coffee. Buds are tight yet long with purple undertones and lavender trichomes that can be detected if seen up-close. This strain can treat muscle spasms, chronic stress and anxiety, spasticity, and pain. Optimal for evening usage.

3 Kings Kush(S/H) is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is L.S.O grown. This kush gives off an earthy and hashy flavor with a little notes of pine and soil. The cerebral effects makes the user focused and energetic which makes it a perfect daytime smoke. This is also best used to deal with depression, inflammation, pain, insomnia, and migraines. 

Rosado(S) is a sativa strain that is L.S.O grown.This kush gives off a faint flowery smell. The effects will make the user more energized and more focused. This is a perfect daytime smokes that you can use. This is also best in dealing with depression and anxiety. 

Citrique Kush(H) is a blanced hybrid strain. This bud gives off an earthy and skunky lemony aroma. The effects that this kush gives starts with the sense of euphoria. After a few hits, a deep body relaxation will be felt. Couch-lock will definitely be also activated which will make your body at ease and feel really happy about it. This is best used to help deal with pain, depression, stress, and muscle spasms.

Pink Lindsay OG(I/H) is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that has piney and earthy flavors with pungent undertones. This kush makes the users feel a strong wave of euphoria. After a few more hits, the users feel very relaxed that it can almost knock them down to have a great sleep. This is best used to help users to deal with insomnia, anxiety, depression, pain, and mood disorders.  

Holy Grail Kush (I/H) gives off a distinct coffee flavor with some notes of lemon and lime. The effects include giving a solid body high that is both euphoric and relaxing. Good sleep is pretty much certain after taking some hits. THC levels of Holy Grail Kush is around 24% making it a good choice to help in treating pain, anxiety, nausea, and cramps. 

Peyote Cookies (I/H) gives off a sweet and earthy with a tropical overtone accented by nutty vanilla and a hint of coffee. Peyote Cookies are fast acting and heavy hitting kush. It will immediately hit the users with relaxed body high that surely last for long hours. This is best used to deal with appetite loss, nausea, muscle spasms, depression, and pain. 

Purp Violator Pop (H) is a  kush  gives the users a body and mind high. Relaxation is a guarantee so this is best for night time use. A sudden surge of energy and focus will also hit the users after a few minutes. This is best used to deal with anxiety, depression, pain, and appetite loss. 

Product FAQ's

How Many Strains Are Available?

There are as many as 15 strains are available on our website. Not all strains are available all the time. Check the product page for availability.

What Does AA, AAA, AAAA Mean?
AAAA cannabis grade level will typically be the best of the best available.

AAA grade cannabis is probably the most common you will see when making a purchase. This level would be what most consider as standard.

If your budget is restricted, you may find yourself venturing down the path of slightly lower quality. AA grade is typically seen as a budget choice.


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