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Strains Availble – AAAA+ Grade 

Purp Violator Pop (H) is a  kush  gives the users a body and mind high. Relaxation is a guarantee so this is best for night time use. A sudden surge of energy and focus will also hit the users after a few minutes. This is best used to deal with anxiety, depression, pain, and appetite loss. 

Pine Tar  Kush(I) is a pure indica strain. Earthy Pine and woody citrus are noticeable when you puff this bud. After a few hits, it gives off euphoric and happy effect that somehow makes you more focused. It is also used for relaxation that starts off with your head then crawls down to your entire body after some time. Pine Tar OG also makes the users very sleepy at the same time really hungry. Make sure munchies are within reach when enjoying this.

Sophie’s Breath(S/H) is a sativa dominant hybrid strain that gives off earthy and fruity overtones with accents of sour berries and deep vanilla spice. The effects of this flower starts with the mind, experiencing a lifted euphoria before it goes down to the body. The user will experience giggles, focus, creativity, and will soon start a couch-lock mode. This is best used to deal with depression, pain, and cramps.

GDP x UK Cheese(I/H) is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that gives off fermented cheese, blueberry and pine tartness aroma. The high starts with the head making you a little spacey but feeling very relaxed. After a few hits, the high will creep to your body making it very relaxed triggering the couch lock mode. This is best used in dealing with pains, insomnia, and anxiety. 

Bubba Kush(I) is a pure indica strain that gives off earthy-sweet tastes with piney scent. Due to its pure indica nature, expect that you will experience a couch-lock mode accompanied by an extreme body high. This is best used to deal with pain, stress, and insomnia. 

Bluefin Tuna(I/H) is an indica dominant hybrid strain that gives off heavily spicy and diesel overtones. The high starts with a sudden wave of energy while giving your head a kind of dreamy state. After a few more hits, it will give your body a deep relaxing feeling that will surely lock you on the couch. This is best used to deal with pain, insomnia, stress, and anxiety. 

Product FAQ's

How Many Strains Are Available?

There are as many as 15 strains are available on our website. Not all strains are available all the time. Check the product page for availability.

What Does AA, AAA, AAAA Mean?
AAAA cannabis grade level will typically be the best of the best available.

AAA grade cannabis is probably the most common you will see when making a purchase. This level would be what most consider as standard.

If your budget is restricted, you may find yourself venturing down the path of slightly lower quality. AA grade is typically seen as a budget choice.


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