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Watermelon breath (S/H) – is also known as Watermelon Kush Marijuana Strain. It doesn’t have a clear origin and is a subtle mix of terpenes, and that is probably the reason for the heartfelt watermelon aroma. Buy Watermelon Breath strain to get freshened up with a summer-y flavor and enjoy its high-sedative power. Its THC content is between 11% to 22%.

Watermelon’s large and chunky flowers may give off a fruity aroma if properly cured. You can buy watermelon breath hybrid to get relief from depression, anxiety, and migraines. Users are often found more focused and relaxed after taking watermelon. So, get the pace to find Watermelon Breath strain on sale to reward yourself with deep and restful sleep.

Product FAQ's

How Many Strains Are Available?

There are as many as 15 strains are available on our website. Not all strains are available all the time. Check the product page for availability.

What Does AA, AAA, AAAA Mean?
AAAA cannabis grade level will typically be the best of the best available.

AAA grade cannabis is probably the most common you will see when making a purchase. This level would be what most consider as standard.

If your budget is restricted, you may find yourself venturing down the path of slightly lower quality. AA grade is typically seen as a budget choice.


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